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Unsere Firma hat immer an dem Konzept durch Qualität zuerst, Service zuerst, Integrität zuerst, Marke zuerst festgehalten, um Service für den Kunden zur Verfügung zu stellen.



    Jinyuan Medical is a world class producer of disposable propducts, disposable medical apparel, medical supply, disposable nonwoven apparel, medical disposable, nonwoven disposable, dental bib and industry disposable protective wear and safety clothing.



    Factories have been equipped with 40 mask auto-machines, 2 N95/FFP dust mask auto- machine, 350 mask hand melting machines, 30 ultrasonic clothing sewing machines, 280 Sets ordinary sewing machines, Company GMPs abtained ISO 13485: 2016 certification, FDA, EN14683 Nelson Lab testing certifications etc...



    To creat GREAT VALUE with comprehensive and advantageous resources, help clients KEEP GROWING is our prime philosophy. Driven by this goal since the inception 20 years ago, now you will find our products in 37 countries, 369 cities, 5090 hospitals and clinics over the planet.

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